Living Life With Purpose

Recently I’ve been reading a book (or several, I should say) called “Achieving Your Life Mission” by Randal A. Wright. There is a lot of talk about God, the mission we were sent here to earth to do and how to find that mission. While reading it I found a burning desire to wake up every day with a new purpose to fulfill what I think I was sent here to earth to do. This book helped give meaning and direction to my life. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” I think when we do these things is when we find happiness. What did God send you to earth to do?

I believe that all things have purpose, even if we have limited understanding. The definition of purpose is, “The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists” (Google dictionary). Mark Twain is believed to have said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born…and the day you find out why.” Finding your purpose may sound cliché, but when you wake up every morning, do you wake up excited and ready to tackle the day, or do you wake up dreading the tasks laid out before you?

I don’t think that all days will be merry and bright. I don’t believe all days will be filled with easiness and comfort. I do believe that when you have a purpose and a focus on others and your mission in life, something within helps you to face the mundane and ordinary days that inevitably come.

So how do we find our purpose? I think it is wise to remember what is said in the book of Matthew, “Lay not up for yourselves treasure upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matthew 6:19-21). When we die, our bodies will go to the grave. When we die, our “mansions”, possessions, and money will be left behind to those here on earth. When we die, our knowledge, the way we treated and spent time with people, etc. will be allowed to come with us. Where is our heart? Goethe, a German writer and salesman said, “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” I have often read in books from stories of successful people who at the end of their life wished they had spent more time with their children or spouse, even though what they contributed to the world was magnificent and great.

An author for Forbes, Margie Warrell, asks four questions to help you find your purpose.

  1. What makes you come alive?
  2. What are your innate strengths?
  3. Where do you add the greatest value?
  4. How will you measure your life?

She then continued to say, “Ultimately, living with purpose means focusing on things that matter most. Ironically, the things that matter most are rarely “things.” That said, while some people are in a position to trade the security of a regular salary in order to pursue a passion, many simply can’t–at least not in the short term or without violating core values (like paying off debt or providing for their family). But following the money and following your heart don’t have to be mutually exclusive. By shifting the lens in which you view what you are doing now, you can profoundly shift your experience in it. No matter what your job, you can draw meaning from it and find greater purpose through how you do what you do. If you don’t think you’re the kind of person you’d want to work with, then consider that it may not be because of the job you do each day, but your attitude toward it.

Knowing your purpose may compel you to take on challenges that will stretch you as much as they inspire you. Just as a boat under power can handle any size wave if perpendicular to it, when you’re powered by a clear purpose, there is little you cannot do.”

With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). We can find what our purpose is. We can choose to get up each day and be filled with God’s love so that we can fulfill his purpose for us. When we master our self-control, the Master himself guides us into valleys of opportunities and endless blessings. Therefore, “The purpose of life, is a life of purpose.” (Robert Byrne).

I believe in you. I believe you can make miracles happen. And I believe that peace (true inner peace) is the answer.

Living Life With Purpose




You Are Doing Better Than You Think You Are

Recently I found a journal that had entries ranging from Jr. High up till I started college. As I read through all the journal entries, my initial reaction was to be embarrassed. My behaviors and thoughts were immature. It was obvious I was a much younger version of myself, though we all know I can still be pretty immature. I remembered a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in October 2017. He spoke:

“Leo Tolstoy wrote once of a priest who was criticized by one of his congregants for not living as resolutely as he should, the critic concluding that the principles the erring preacher taught must therefore also be erroneous.

In response to that criticism, the priest says: “Look at my life now and compare it to my former life. You will see that I am trying to live out the truth I proclaim.” Unable to live up to the high ideals he taught, the priest admits he has failed. But he cries:

“Attack me, [if you wish,] I do this myself, but [don’t] attack … the path I follow. … If I know the way home [but] am walking along it drunkenly, is it any less the right way simply because I am staggering from side to side?

“… Do not gleefully shout, ‘Look at him! … There he is crawling into a bog!’ No, do not gloat, but give … your help [to anyone trying to walk the road back to God.]”

Some Things Don't Change

Some Things Don’t Change

I was reminded that we are all on a path and as long as we are walking along it, we are doing okay, even if we are staggering. I am reminded how far I’ve come, and in more ways than one.

I found a letter in my journal from a teacher for an achievement award in 9th grade that said:

“Megan has been in my classes the last 3 years. She is very dependable and a hard worker, who always does her best. She helps those around her and is always willing to help anyway possible. She is positive, energetic and very fun to have around. She is one of those students that you love to have in class. Megan is looked up to by her peers. Because Megan is so trustworthy, I have also had Megan as a Student Aide. She is a good example of leadership and behavior. She has lots of friends which shows how well she is respected. Megan is extremely nice, kind-hearted, thoughtful and considerate.”

When I found this letter, my heart smiled and I was grateful for this teacher who wrote such a thoughtful letter.  Though I have come far and I feel I am a different person than I was in my teenage years, I’m not far from the person I was then or when I was born. I am me and will always be that person. The same characteristic traits my 9th grade teacher described of me for the most part still ring true today. They are a part of who I am. I can’t change that.

As I was pondering these experiences, I had a thought of how I always ask in my prayers to “Help me become the person I need to be.” The thought was followed with this important truth. You are who I need you to be. Be the person I made you to be NOW.” God equips us with what we need right now to be who we need to be. I can be the wife I need to be because I was given a husband who sets a great example of a good relationship. I can be the mom I need to be because my children are teaching me every step and because I was given an angel mother who sets the best example of unconditional love. I am the leader I need to be because God gave me unique talents that help me to fulfill my purpose while on earth. If we feel we don’t have the right examples to help teach us, then it is up to us to find examples we can emulate and learn from. Possibility is within our reach and can only be made if we start somewhere.

Sometimes we have a measure of where we would like to be and we feel as if we are not measuring up. If you look back, you might find that you are further along than you thought. You might have just been staggering side to side not realizing the progress you were making. Sister Carol McConkie says, “We have different gifts and different strengths. First Corinthians chapter 12 emphasizes the need for sons and daughters of God, each one of us, to fulfill our individual roles and responsibilities according to the Lord’s plan, that all may benefit.” Speaking to mothers, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland tenderly exclaimed, “To all mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle — and all will — I say, be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. YOU ARE DOING BETTER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE.”

I believe in you. I believe you can make miracles happen. And I believe that peace (true inner peace) is the answer.


Celebrating My POTS Diagnosis

Check out my article that was published for “The Mighty”:

“I still have a long way to regaining my health back and am making small steps forward, but I am grateful for doctors who listen, research and treat patients the way they should be. Maybe all the doctor visits aren’t so bad after all. Sometimes they even end up with a celebration!”

watercolor painting of woman with long colorful hair

“Celebrating My POTS Diagnosis”



Fear Teaches Me, It Doesn’t Define Me

It started on a late Friday evening in 2011. Although I was consumed with complete happiness with the joy of my first born child, I had deep fears. I never mentioned these fears to anybody, including my husband, for FEAR of being crazy.

If my husband dies, “they” will take my baby away. The government will see that “they” are more capable of taking care of this child. I will never be good enough to raise this child. I know nothing. My actions towards other people were becoming increasingly irrational and it led to constant frustrations between my husband and I.

Fortunately, I never let these thoughts linger for long and within a year, they had all but faded (partly because in all honesty I don’t remember anything, or at least it feels that way). Having my son was the most joyful experience. I loved seeing all his firsts and I found that I really could take care of my child. That I was capable and most importantly, that I was really happy.

Fast forward to August 2012, and after nine months of trying to get pregnant for the second time, I found myself surprised to see that I wasn’t excited to be pregnant. I tried to convince myself that I should be grateful to be expecting. This is what I wanted all along. But, I couldn’t help but question if this is really what I did want. Though I functioned at an exceptional level during the next eight months, I found it difficult to be excited for the birth of my new baby girl. The confusion proved to be rather difficult.

Finally, the long awaited day arrived and my darling baby girl was born. She was beautiful beyond all description. Her head was full of blonde and shiny hair. Her eyelashes were long and beautiful. She IS what I considered to be perfection. And again, I was in love. I find that my fears and rationalizations seemed ridiculous. I was SO happy; I couldn’t imagine ever feeling any different.

Two months postpartum I felt I was experiencing a HUGE shift in my mental state. What I was capable of doing during my pregnancy I found hard, exhausting, and overwhelming. My friend FEAR came back. And I was afraid of him (Ironic, now I think about it). I was scared and felt alone. I didn’t want to tell my husband for FEAR he would think I was crazy.  I used the things I learned in counseling and I tried to rewire my brain by telling myself the truth. I am strong and capable. I am successful, loving, kind, and beautiful. I knew this deep down, but I wasn’t feeling it. I knew that I loved my husband and my two children whom I adore more than anything in this world, but I didn’t feel it. I was really confused and scared. My husband walked out the door to go to work and I felt it would be the last time I would see him. I was scared to raise my children by myself. I never wanted him to leave. My imagination ran wild and I had unrealistic fears. Everything around me seemed scary and fear seemed to have had a  tight grip on me. Unfortunately, postpartum depression is a real and scary condition and often help in many different forms is the best way to help pull you out.

An apple is what started my path into healing. I laugh now, but was pretty upset then. My sweet husband was eating an apple. I had HAD it. Everything from the way he was holding the apple, to the way he chewed it, to the sound he made while eating it got to me. I was so angry with him  and let him have a piece of my mind. All he could say is, “You are so ornery.” Though he was COMPLETELY right, the statement made me even more angry. I felt the need to run away. But I was scared (and am truly grateful for fear) because the only place I could think that was reasonable to run away to was my closet. Yes, the closet that holds my clothes, shoes, and dirty laundry. Peaceful, not sure, but that is where I spent the next two hours in what I now see as a panic attack.

My Friend, Fear

My Friend, Fear

My husband is the most patient and loving man I have ever met and over the course of the next couple of years he helped me tread through rough water. I tried everything to have peace restored in my life.  Meditation. Gratitude journals. Constant service. Dancing at the gym. Counseling. Life coaching.  Dietary changes such as drinking almond milk (unsweetened) in the name of getting my health back. You name it, I probably tried it. It took longer than expected but I began experiencing peace in my life. All of these little things added up and started healing me in ways that were unreal. I started opening myself up more to people, to life, play, and enjoyment. I knew, from the beginning that hard as this might be, I would walk out a better person. I would walk out as the person I so earnestly prayed to become: Real. I noticed it. My husband noticed it. I was a new person and I liked it.

I have always felt a desire to make a difference in the world by helping others feel loved and valued. Byron Katie, a motivational speaker and author, said:

“A teacher of fear can’t bring peace on Earth. We have been trying to do it that way for thousands of years. The person who turns inner violence around, the person who finds peace inside and lives it, is the one who teaches what true peace is. We are waiting for just one teacher. You’re the one.”

After reading this quote and pondering my life experiences-the stories I have told myself-I realized feeling fear so deeply, rather than ignoring it and trying to make it go away, helped me to be a teacher of peace. One who finds peace and lives it inside and out. Does this mean I never experience fear? No. But I choose to trust that my experiences and feelings teach me what I need to know. I trust that all experiences happen for reasons most the time beyond what we can scientifically reason. I choose to love my family, my friends, and most importantly myself in ways I had never allowed myself to do because I know I’m worth it and I now know that FEAR teaches me, it doesn’t define me.

I believe in you. I believe you can make miracles happen. And I believe that peace (true inner peace) is the answer.

Why I Decided To Eat Healthier

Healthy Eating

We Follow Harvard’s “Healthy Eating Plate”


Since 2014 I have had on and off bouts of some intense symptoms of fibromyalgia, POTS, and/or chronic fatigue syndrome, along with a few other health issues with my heart and skin that made me feel as if I was entering into a geriatric state. With three young kids at home and a husband whose career was growing quickly requiring overtime and occasional 1-2 week long business trips, it became difficult to manage even some of the basic household tasks. I was overwhelmed and desperate to find answers. Part of my personality is one to look for answers to everything! Obviously I researched and listened and asked a lot of people about these health conditions and tried to learn as much as I could. A main theme that came up was with food. Everyone had different ideas as to what would heal me. Doctors gave medicine, business men and women sold supplements, health nuts offered nutritional advice and diets, and anyone who had ever even heard of the disease knew exactly what would make me feel better. It seemed as time went on the overwhelm and confusion became more.  I prayed and read my scriptures desperately and diligently to find answers.

In one weeks period, several people had mentioned how going gluten free had healed them. For whatever reason I still felt confused, though I was beginning to question whether diet really had any part on how I was feeling. I talked to my husband incessantly about this and he said he wanted to support me, that he wanted to help me feel better and was willing to try a new diet, but his stipulation was that it had to be one that was conducive to our whole family. A few days later he came back with a “plan” from Harvard University that made so much sense to me. It seemed so simple. It seemed easier. It seemed like a light had went on in my head. I knew this was our answer, and I was grateful.

I asked Scott to describe me in one word. His response was proactive. So obviously when I found this answer, the next day I spent cleaning out  my pantry with anything that wasn’t on this list. I also made a plan, a theme, so to speak of how we would carry out and be consistent with this diet. I included alternative ways to some of our traditions. My husband was so scared. He takes things a lot more slowly, so just in case I kept a few extra “old foods” downstairs in my cold storage without telling anyone. Just in case we wanted to revert to our old ways. That night, on Thursday February 23 2017, to be exact we started our journey to regaining our health back.

Did it completely heal me? No. But in one weeks time, I went from NEEDING 1-2 naps a day, to having one nap the whole week on Sunday. I went from hardly being able to stand longer than 20 minutes without wanting to pass out or feeling extremely flu-like, to being able to cook every single meal. I would say I want from 30% of functioning to 60%. The improvement was huge. I definitely saw an improvement in my energy. I was able to do not all, but some of the things I had loved to do before I had my last flare. My plans for the future seemed brighter again. And the best part of it all for me, was seeing my families health problems mostly disappear, and teaching them by example what healthy eating habits are. My 4-year-old daughter who had been on laxatives for chronic constipation her whole life and was always bloated, for the first time without any added effort, pooped on her own, diarrhea even (which is a celebration for her for sure). Her stomach bloating was even noticeably reduced. My son, who almost daily was complaining of stomach and neck pain due to stomach migraines, hadn’t complained the whole week. the interesting thing was the Friday after we started we had pizza and game night at our friends home. Since our rule is we eat healthy at home, but we eat whatever people feed us at theirs, we had carry out pizza. That night, my son was complaining of stomach and neck pain. My daughter would be backed up, until a few days later after eating healthy food. This was consistent, as the next weekend we had cake and ice cream for a birthday. That night, they were complaining of not feeling well again. My husband had a lot of energy was waking up early to work out. He likes his sleep, so this was a huge step for him.

There has to be something to eating healthy. There has to be something to getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. And there has to be something to being active. I still can’t work out like I would like to. But I can do gentle yoga in the morning for 15 minutes. I can go on walks to my mailbox (which is down a big hill and a block away) without my lymph node swelling and feeling like I have the flu.  This has been the biggest blessing and I can’t wait to learn more so I can further help my family.

*As a side-note, an added bonus has been in a months period of using this diet, my husband got off his heartburn medication AND we both lost weight without feeling restricted or hungry or like we were on a diet. My husband lost almost 10 pounds in one month and I lost 6. Definitely a bonus that we hadn’t planned on.

What plan we follow: Harvard’s “Healthy Eating Plate and Healthy Eating Pyramid”.

Copyright © 2011, Harvard University. For more information about The Healthy Eating Plate, please see The Nutrition Source, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health,, and Harvard Health Publications,

* We have also tried to eliminate any additives, preservatives, or processed foods. This means I make our bread, tortillas, pancake mix, dressings, etc., but the extra work is more than worth it, and really hasn’t been too hard as long as I have planned.


Friday Pizza Night

UPDATE: Now almost six months later we for the most part still follow this plan. We have found sauces at the store that are “homemade” without any additives and preservatives and we sometimes use these. We sometimes go out to eat and I feel like I have consequences after. Sometimes it has to happen. Sometimes, especially with the summer heat, which worsens my conditions, I have to survive, so we don’t always follow our rules. The key point though is that we are still following this plan and trying to be consistent and we have seen huge improvements. This HAS NOT healed me, but it has helped tame some of my symptoms. Following a well-rounded diet has been a huge blessing for our family.

Life Coaching Helped Me To Find Out Who I Am

During 2013-2014 I took a life coaching course from Master Coach Kimberly Giles at Clarity Point Coaching ( This was a three month course with a weekly phone call. I was hesitant to pay the price, but knew I needed help changing my mindset. I had been struggling with postpartum depression and knew that some of my suffering (though I still needed medication), was due to my ignorance, so-to-speak, of life. It was a life changing experience that helped me through some of life’s most difficult circumstances. I am and always will be grateful for Kim’s training. At the end of the training, Kim had me write a Who Am I paper. I used several of her words throughout her readings to create a piece of who I am. Kim gave me the permission to publish this article. I look back at what I wrote now 3 1/2 years ago. The amazing thing is I haven’t changed. This is still who I am. My value has never changed. Am I perfect at believing and acting upon these words? NO! Kim told me it would be a daily process as this life is a classroom. We are learning every day. Hope you can enjoy and maybe pull out some truths that ring true for you, as we are all created differently. WHO ARE YOU really??

Who Am I

The truth is-I am Megan Hastings. I am compassionate. I am beautiful inside and out. I am poised. I have characteristics and gifts that are unique only to me. I accurately see people for who they are. I value the need for meaning and clearly see who I am in this moment. I know my worth is absolute and infinite. I put problems and obstacles in proper perspective and I know good things always happen to me. I am a confident and honest woman who uses my knowledge to bless others.

I get to choose love motivation in everything I do. I have nothing to prove as I cannot fail. I look for opportunities to edify people every day. I ask questions to listen and validate people, thus choosing love. I see negative thoughts and emotions as they are…distractions. In every situation I choose to focus on validating others. When receiving validation, I always make it about others.

I no longer allow comparing of other people. I know this truth that, “The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you..except for yourself.” For this reason, I question my motivation for doing things. I will do things out of love and trust and because I want to. I will also claim the right to be quiet if that is how I feel. I do not allow the moods of others to influence mine. I know that we are all good people, we just struggle on occasion. When I see others as myself, I will see them with wisdom and compassion. When I serve God and myself first, I am able to help others.

I am creating the life I want right now. My purpose in life is to learn, which is why I will not let mistakes and weaknesses define me. I will set a new standard as I reclaim my power to choose my mindset. Though my subconscious mind is faster, my ability to consciously choose is always stronger. Suffering is created when I resist the process and the growth. I do not doubt my abilities and I do not shrink from my challenges. I trust God, the Universe and the process of life. I am strong because I choose trust. I know that with every fiber of my being that I was born to win. I know that I have the ability to create what I desire. I have free agency so I can decide who I want to be and live my life to the fullest.

I trust my first impressions because I trust myself and I trust that Heavenly Father will guide me. I choose to do what is important to me which includes creating family memories, spontaneity, laughter, daily walks, dinner time, and focusing on each other through pure love. I am safe in the process of becoming and my real goal is to live without fear. I live from a place of trust and love.

I choose gratitude in every moment. I choose to live on purpose and with intention. I will toot my own horn and be proud of my accomplishments. I have several callings that I love and fulfill such as being a wife, mother and friend; these callings do not define me. I am Megan and always will be. I completely love and accept myself. I am strong, loving and incomparable. I am ME.

“Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have.” -Doris Mortman

“Do not seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” -Rainer Maria Rilke

“Like the sky opens after a rainy day we must open to ourselves…Learn to love yourself for who you are and open so the world can see you shine.” -James Poland

Who I Am

Me and My Darling Niece.

EDITED: As a side note. Taking the Myers-Briggs Personality Test has been super helpful for me and other friends and family in discovering who you are. Answering the questions honestly (not what you think is a good answer), and reading up on your strengths and weakness (knowing that they are neither good or bad, just make up who you are), can help you find out what makes you tick, why you act the way you do and help you understand others with maybe whose relationships you struggle with. Just a thought in helping you become who you were meant to be, no matter the situation! And if you are wondering who I am, too bad! Just kidding. I have the ISFJ (assertive) personality. Now you know why I am so weird  😉

I believe in you. I believe you can make miracles happen. And I believe that peace (true inner peace) is the answer.

Why I Write About Chronic Illness and God

After experiencing chronic illness for a few years, I was confused as to what was going on with my body, my limitations, and with how I was living my life. After being diagnosed with ME/CFS I felt profound relief knowing my experiences were real, but I also was a little confused. What is the purpose of this disease? What am I supposed to learn from this? How am I supposed to cope and raise a family? Years prior to this time period, I began writing hoping to share some of my experiences after recovering from postpartum depression. At that time I was wondering why I was experiencing depression and I asked the Lord what he wanted me to learn. After recovery, and over the course of the next few years, several people opened up to me and shared their experiences of depression wishing they had known more about depression and how to deal with it. They asked for help. I began to understand I was experiencing this trial, so I could help others and lift and encourage them. And maybe even guide them to recovery through God. Feeling others pain helps us to understand them better. After all,  He uses us as instruments for His purposes. So, again, when I was diagnosed with ME/CFS a few years later, the feeling and need to write was strong. I began writing again for the second time and learned that God wanted me to share about chronic illness, to give a voice to those who are suffering in any way.

I am scared to share and open up about chronic illness. First of all, I’m not sure I really understand it all, so what could little old me possibly share with anyone else. Second, no one likes to hear about someone’s problems and I don’t like to complain. I’m definitely a “the glass is half-full” kind of a person and negativity is not a  good word to describe my personality. Third, though I am extremely open and will share information if I think someone needs help, I don’t like talking about me or my private life at all. When the spotlight shines on me, it is blinding and uncomfortable. But one day, as I was reading my scriptures, I could imagine the Lord saying, “If you could help one person, like articles you have read have helped you, would you help me?” Sometimes it is easier to say yes, than it is actually to do. So, I said yes. And now here I am left with the growing pains that come with learning to seek out God and help His people.

Journal and Scriptures

Learn of me

Living with chronic illness is not easy. It is confusing, overwhelming, painful, hard, and downright cruel to its victims. It can leave its victims misunderstood, depressed, anxious and scared. But as with any other life trial that WE WILL experience on this fallen earth, God will walk with us, IF WE ASK HIM. Deuteronomy 5:33 tells us, “Ye shall walk in all the ways which the Lord your God hath commanded you, that ye may live, and that it may be well with you, and that ye may prolong your days in the land which ye shall possess.”

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16 KJV). He is the way. He is the light and life. And He will bring us the TRUE happiness we seek through any of life’s darkest trials.

I believe in you. I believe you can make miracles happen. And I believe that peace (true inner peace) is the answer.

Just Jump

“Don’t think about it, just jump”, my son’s swim teacher called out to him as he was preparing to jump off the diving board. Miss Amy is no ordinary swim teacher. She is good and what I would call a miracle worker. Because if you know my son at all, you would know he doesn’t like water in his face at all. And though he is adventurous, he is quite afraid of a lot of things. When taking baths, we go through several rags and towels to just get the water out of his eyes. He wants to be brave and he wants to swim, but he is often scared of the water. The first day of swim lessons when they were to dunk their heads in the water, his reply was, “This is awful!” In the one week Miss Amy had my son in her class, he was swimming with his head under the water, diving for toys in the shallow end, and yes, even jumping off the diving board, though extremely fearful. Yes, Miss Amy is a miracle worker.

“Don’t think about it, just jump” resonated in my mind as I watched swim lessons this particular very hot day. How many times have I thought I wanted or needed to do something, and then my mind starts thinking. It starts thinking about the pros and the cons. My mind thinks of whether it is worth my time or worth the risk. The overwhelm sets in. What if I just jumped, rather than thought about the deep water that loomed beneath me knowing that I was safe with the teacher who is teaching me? In Hebrews 11:1 (KJV), it says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” We hope when we jump our teacher will catch us so we don’t sink. Do we believe God when he says, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19 KJV).

Brendon Burchard, motivator, speaker and author, and one of my all time favorite people to listen to in the morning, often says, “What small things can I do tomorrow to move ahead?” ( What steps can you take today to get to your goal tomorrow? When I began writing I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I still don’t. But every morning I would wake up I would think about three things I could do today. So I would write the title. Or think of a thought that occurred throughout the day that I wanted to write about. I reminded myself, I didn’t need the whole article written, or even to have it perfected, I just needed a start. When I set up my blog, I realized there was a lot I didn’t know. But instead of looming into the deep end, I reminded myself that starting it was more than I had the day before. I reminded myself, “I don’t need it perfected today, I just need to do my best today, not be the best.” And so, though there are still many unknowns, I choose to trust the God that inspired me to write for his purposes.

Simone De Beauvoir said, “Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future.” I have had a lot of friends, family, strangers comment on how they wish they had a different life. But how the choices they have made in the past have prevented them from progressing and they are stuck. I say to you, you are not stuck. You can change your life when you believe the God is on your side. Because “With God, all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26 KJV).  Believe in yourself and believe that you can change. When we are stuck in the “victim” mode, we cannot progress. Instead, create an atmosphere where we believe we are survivors and heroes. Think, “yes, I have had some hard things I have dealt with in my life, and I handled them quite nicely (or even not). I still have things that make living life difficult, but I can still dream. I can still achieve. I can choose today to change my life.”

“Just jump”, because you can make a difference. “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy” (Norman Vincent Peale). And as George Herbert says, “Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” Because God will always be on your side.

I believe in you. I believe you can make miracles happen. And I believe that peace (true inner peace) is the answer.



One thing is for sure, is that you never know when it’s your time to go, and/or when you or people you know and love will become impaired and unable to be present. I have read so many stories and seen death so many times, to know that this life shouldn’t be taken for granted. As Fourth of July is rapidly approaching and the patriotism and gratitude for those who came before me enters my heart, my heart swells from within with gratitude. An unknown author said, “It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” My focus for me and my family always will be to be thankful, no matter what. Because as most people say, trials are blessings in disguise.

I am ever so thankful for just being alive and alert. To be present here on this earth and to watch my children, yes even when they fight, as this gives me a moment to teach. I am grateful for slobbery kisses from my darling baby as she smiles with her bright blue eyes. I am grateful for a warm, clean, and spacious home that we as a family can spend time in comfortably. A home where we can decorate as we wish and a house we can make a home. I am grateful for a husband who works so hard for this family to pay for our wants and our needs.

I am grateful that the same man shows his love to me through his acts of service, big or small. An example is when he spends all night planning your birthday, which I get to celebrate for a whole week-and-a-half. Just to show me I am loved. A man who listens to my fears and hurts and loves me the same. A man who celebrates my smallest successes and who thinks I am amazing even when I am at my worst. A man who makes me feel so loved and safe. A best friend who helps me to become a better person every single dang day and who excels at the same pace. When I think of the scripture “Perfect love casteth out all fear”, I know that this is the love the my sweet companion gives to me. And I know this is why I am at my best (and sometimes worst) with him. Because he gives and shows what perfect love really is.

For a son who spends most of his time making sure other people feel loved by his acts of service. A son who is wildly creative and kind to everyone he meets, always looking to do good. A son who on my worst day makes me feel like a million bucks and I wonder how did I ever get so lucky to be his mother? For a daughter who loves life and her mother and who can give the best cuddles a mother could ever want. Who just wants to be by your side all of the time helping you do whatever it is that you are doing. And who makes you smile with her sweet and sassy personality. Whenever she goes, she is admired for her beauty and her strength. For a sweet baby girl who is a curious little spitfire. Who you know will succeed far in this life because of her determination and strength. Who is possibly the happiest person on this earth. And who gave a mother hope, when she thought all hope might be lost. Hermann Hesse says it best when he says, “If I know what love is, it is because of you.” To my darlings, I love you. May all your days be wonderful and bright.

I’m grateful for early morning stillness that fills my heart with gratitude before the storms of daily life come rolling in. I am grateful to a family who forgives my weaknesses big and small. I am grateful to have chronic illness as this keeps me humble and also teaches me to be compassionate and empathetic towards others. It helps me to keep this life in perspective and to hopefully focus on the things in my life that matter to me. And it keeps me close to God.

I am grateful to live in a beautiful suburb, where most all feel blessed to live here. And I am grateful for the home which we did buy, which supports our biggest needs and desires. To have a home where I can easily clean, and be comfortable through some of my illnesses. Where I can go into an extremely beautiful backyard that we have created as a family. A space where I feel peace and comfort every day. A place where I feel gratitude to a Heavenly Father who has richly blessed us.

I’m grateful for freedom of religion. That I can make my own choices. I’m grateful to live in a country who celebrates progression and makes it easy to achieve ones dreams. I am grateful to leaders who run this country, as I know I could never be qualified to do this very intense and hard job.

I am grateful for friends and family who are always there for us, no matter what. A neighbor who quickly became my friend and who helped show me how fun this life can be with a friend by my side. Who wants to just hang out and makes me feel like a kid again. Other friends who call just to see how you are doing, who you know will always be your best friends no matter the distance and time that has gone. A mother and father who drop whatever they are doing just to help you, whenever and wherever. Family and friends who listen and care for me and my own family. Who are my biggest supporters and best friends. A sister who can make me laugh in a ridiculous manner. And who compliments me and makes me feel good about myself. A brother who can talk about life subjects in an open and honest manner, so that we can help figure out this messy life we live in. And a younger brother who calls to check in on me just to make sure I’m ok. Man, am I lucky and blessed.

A pin on Pinterest from ( quoted, “The things you take for granted someone else is praying for.” There is always something grateful to be for, no matter the situation. Psalm 44:8 “In God we have boasted continually, and we will give thanks to your name forever.” Because this is where all our marvelous blessings and gifts come from. The same God who loves us FOREVER, no matter what. Thanks be to God for his marvelous blessings for which he has richly blessed me and my family.

I believe in you. I believe you can make miracles happen. And I believe that peace (true inner peace) is the answer.



You Know You Have A Chronic Illness When…

You Know You Have a Chronic Illness When

When living with a chronic illness, seemingly trivial tasks or things healthy counterparts do can often seem like insurmountable challenges for you. While I was at the beach with my children on a warm summer day, my body started telling me I needed to go lay down. I know when this happens and I am away from home, I need to pack my kids up immediately and get home to rest my body. We had only been at the beach half an hour, so it was no surprise my children were disappointed to leave so soon. I felt like I had let them down, but knew I had done my very best and couldn’t let myself get discouraged. As I was driving home, these thoughts came to my mind. I wrote them as a sort of humorous way to cope with the stresses of chronic illness. I hope you can share in and enjoy the humor that life sometimes throws you.

The kids “quiet time” is actually your nap time so you can rest your body. Unfortunately for my children, there is also more than one quiet time per day.

Planned outings often get cut short leaving your children to ask why others get to stay longer.

Pepsi, combined with ibuprofen, is your daily medicine used to relieve pain, not the enjoyable treat it usually is for others.

Your kids response to “What is your mother’s favorite thing to do” is sleep.

When your friends want to go to St. George and you live in Salt Lake (a 4 1/2 hour drive) , you look at how much flights cost so you can join them.

Reading books and writing articles become your favorite pastime even though you still don’t know what an adjective or verb is.

Your spouse carries heavy bags and does hard chores because he knows how much your body will hurt if he doesn’t. He also knows how proactive you are and is constantly reminding you to pace yourself, which is hard to do.

Your kids friends often see you laying in your bed with your leopard printed blanket resting.

You take more than a couple hot baths a day.

The gym daycare discounts your punch card because they know you only workout for 15-20 minutes instead of the hour they charge.

Going to the doctor scares you and not because of the needles, but because you’re afraid they will find nothing wrong with you.

Your medical vocabulary is quite excellent.

When your spouse doesn’t know where to find you, he knows to look in your bed or the bath first.

Walking to your mailbox while pushing a stroller and then back up the big hill is quite a feat!

Heated car seats are a huge blessing!

Your kids are dang good at cleaning up and taking care of themselves.

You eat healthy foods your grandma thinks are cardboard, but you secretly like.

You hate the cold, but despise the heat even more.

You have a schedule for chores, but know it probably won’t get done, and you have to be okay with that.

You want to do fun things that people your age don’t think twice about, but know you’ll pay for it later. You do them anyways because part of caring for your mental health is to live.

Your kids pray for you and always tell you they wish you could get better soon.

You are making an oasis in your backyard because you know that’s probably as far as you’ll travel, at least very often.

Your house is decorated simply.

Your children are pretty compassionate people.

You are grateful for simple and small things in your life.

I believe in you. I believe you can make miracles happen. And I believe that peace (true inner peace) is the answer.


From my 6-year-old son for Mother’s Day 2017

This article showed up as a guest post on Julie Ryan’s Counting My Spoons